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Precisionscreen – Shredder – Slayer XL

The Precisionscreen Shredder Slayer XL is designed to reduce, recover, reuse and recycle a wide range of materials from household waste to construction and demolition waste. Designed for strength, durability and serviceability, the Slayer XL can handle almost any material in any application.

With a huge range of both Rapid Volume Reduction and Intricate Piece Sizing Chambers, the Slayer XL can be  applied across numerous industries.

The PLC controlled machine includes safety features, which on detection of un-shreddable objects, will automatically take action to protect the Slayer XL from damage. This unique system avoids the huge breakdown & repair costs associated with other machines

The Slayer’s small footprint allows for high manoeuvrability in tight spaces and across rough terrain. Its 350hp engine quietly destroys any material in its way.

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VIDEO: Precisionscreen Shredder Slayer XL - Tyre Shredding

VIDEO: Precisionscreen Shredder Slayer XL - General Dump Waste

VIDEO: Precisionscreen Shredder Slayer XL - Household Goods

Key Specifications

Shredder Area
Target Area 1.96m x 2m
Including Hopper 4.3m x 1.9m
Shaft Diameter 0.650m
Capacity 3.5 cubic metres
Main Conveyor
Belt Width 1400mm
Conveyor Length 9700mm
Discharge Height 5100mm
Operating Dimensions
Length 11900mm
Width 2250mm
Height 5100mm
Standard Weight 22T
Transport Dimensions
Length 1300mm
Width 2500mm
Height 3200mm