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Sandvik – Screening – QA240

The QA240 is designed for operation where the massive throughput of its larger sibling is not required but there still exists a requirement for precision screening only available from a Doublescreen.

The patented double screen box enables greater accuracy, productivity and a more efficient screening system. Each box is hydraulically adjustable, incorporates a separate drive motor to enable a reverse throw of materials and separate variable speed motors for each screen box. The QA240 produces a huge screening area but with two independently adjustable screen boxes for precision screening and massive production.

Compact for the inner city yet powerful enough for the largest of quarry operators, the QA240 is designed for optimum fuel economy and low operating costs

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Key Specifications

Capacity 2.80m3
Maximum Capacity 6.54m3
Feed Conveyor Belt
Width 1.20M
Length 2.587M
Main Conveyor
Width 1.0M
Length 10.057M
Side Conveyor
Discharge Height 4.62M
Width 700mm
Length 9.651M
Fines Conveyor
Discharge Height 4.07M
Width 1.20M
Length 6.376M
Operating Dimensions
Length 15.86M
Width 16.83M
Height 5.56M
Weight 25.368 tonne
Transport Dimensions
Length  14.89M
Width 2.84M
Height  5.56M