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Conveyors - Wheeled

Precisionscreen – Conveyors – SM450 & SM650


Length (towing) 10m
Width 2.1m
Height (operating) 4.5m
Belt width 450mm
Belt Length 9.2m
Belt speed (loaded) 100m/min
Approx weight 1.75 T
Max production (per hour) 200 t/hr
Stockpile capacity (static) 135 T
NB: all new SM450 fitted with 650mm wide belt



Length (towing 12.5m
Width 2.4m
Height (operating) 6.2m
Belt width 650mm
Belt length 11.7m
Belt speed (loaded) 106m/min
Approx weight 2 T
Max production (per hour) 400 t/hr
Stockpile capacity (static) 430 T



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Automated stockpiling programs are also available.

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