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Precisionscreen – Grid – SUPER GRID

The Super Grid is the piece of equipment that all quarries need. No more constant welding up cracked and bent rail lines. This is robust and versatile Grid that is designed specifically to take larger rocks. Its unique design ensures a self-cleaning grid, that rarely ever gets rocks hanging up.
While the standard spacing is a nominal 200mm the spacing may be altered in a few hours without the need to rebuild the whole grid. The maximum spacing is approximately 400mm. If you have a smaller primary crusher, this is the unit you need to make your crushing operations go smoothly. Size the rock before it gets caught up in the feed of your crusher and gives you costly down time. Ideal for Cat 966/988 or equivalent loaders, easy to move around the pit.

Precisionscreen also builds a smaller unit to suit Cat 950 or equivalent loader.

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Key Specifications

Length 5.1m
Width 3.0m
Height Transport 3.4m
Feed target 4.9m x 3.1m
Effective grid area 140ft2
Feed height 3.85m
Nominal bar spacing 200mm
Discharge opening 210lts
Approx weight 10 tonne